Warhammer 40k : Shadowspear

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35 brand-new miniatures!
Two brand new factions for our most popular armies
·Vanguard Space Marines – compatible with any Space Marines force:
·1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 1 Librarian, 3 Suppressor, 10 Infiltrators, 3 Eliminators
·Chaos Space Marines – compatible with any Chaos force:
·1 Master of Possession, 10 Chaos Space Marines, 1 Venomcrawler, 2 Obliterators, 2 Great Possessed
A fantastic value box set – 58% approx. added value! All miniatures are single-pose, multi-part plastic. This box includes two 24-page codexes, campaign book, and the Warhammer 40.000 Core Rules sheet.

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