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Decor Miniaturi Game Workshop, Citadel Colour: Verdia Veldt Tufts

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  • Easily add detail to your Citadel bases
  • Includes 125 tufts that can be cut and shaped as needed
  • Strong adhesive backing makes attaching to bases easy

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Although many battlefields quickly turn into muddy quagmires when combat begins, armies often march across verdant fields when on the warpath. With many realms and worlds sporting at least some greenery, it’s common for soldiers to begin their campaigns surrounded by abundant plant life.

Bring colour and detail to your armies’ bases with Verdia Veldt Tufts from Citadel Colour, making it easy to tie your army together with natural-looking bases in minutes. The tufts attach to bases by a strong adhesive backing and can stick to many paints and basing materials. Each one can be easily cut or torn into various shapes as needed, and are perfect for armies deployed to lush grassy environments.

This pack contains 125 grassy tufts split as follows:
– 48 small round
– 35 large round
– 24 rectangular, rounded ends
– 18 crescents

Miniatures displayed in images are for scale purposes only and are not included with this product.


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