Pachet 5 Miniaturi WhaOS, GW, Kharadron Overlords Thundrik’s Prof

123,00 lei

  • Slay monsters with hails of aethershot
  • Build without glue thanks to push fit design
  • Get two units in one box – Bjorgen Thundrik and his enterprising skyfarers

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Driven by constant competition for promotion, this eclectic band of skyfarers will go to any lengths to secure a valuable haul, and will pepper with volleys of aethershot all those who try to take their wealth.

If you need a monster slain, you can’t go wrong with Thundrik’s Profiteers! A compacted cross-section of the Kharadron Overlords, this warband of skyfaring duardin are armed to the teeth with aethermatic weapons that’ll prove deadly on the tabletop. Meanwhile, Bjorgen Thundrik himself can enhance the weapons of any of your skyfarers, and is pretty deadly at short range too!

This push fit plastic set is great if you’re looking to add these models to your army. This kit is supplied in 32 plastic components.


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